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Category: Recreation

By Yellowstonian | July 11, 2024
In 1960, Wallace Stegner wrote about the enduring importance of wilderness in the modern world. He called wilderness “the geography of hope” and today it's more vital than ever for wildlife
By Todd Wilkinson | July 10, 2024
New book takes aim at Wallace Stegner’s ideas of the West and characters who inhabited his stories. Plus, a respected Greater Yellowstone historian pushes back against voices who challenge Stegner and the conservation he promoted
By Todd Wilkinson | June 19, 2024
Bridger-Teton study finds animals 6-8 times more likely to run away from sounds made by approaching hikers and mountain bikers than ATVers 
By Yellowstonian | June 5, 2024
Gannett and Granite each reside in a federal wilderness area. Do you know what mountain ranges they're found in?
By Yellowstonian | May 8, 2024
Immersion in nature enhances our physical and mental well-being, but what does our presence do in raising the stress levels of non-humans living there?

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